L’BEL #UnaMujerdeVerdad

Renew the L’bel image perception of being only a Skin Care Brand under the statement “Real Beauty for Real Woman”.

Generate conversation in social media.

Influencers telling stories in social media on decisions of their life that made them feel unique, a real woman inviting the audience to share their stories.

We produced videos with 2 Mexican celebrities, Alessandra Rosaldo and Ludwika Paleta. Both told stories of their life that made them feel like a Real Woman.

They posted the videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

To support the campaign other bloggers shared their stories posting in all their strong social media channels.

Invited the audience to share experiences and the celebrity’s videos.

The whole campaign was monitored under the hashtag #UnaMujerdeVerdad.

The campaign was launched with a media day in Mexico city, hosted by Alessandra Rosaldo and Ludwika Paleta. Important media and influencers attended the event. 

The campaign had a total reach of more than 5,000,000 between the celebrities and the bloggers supporting the campaign.

Alessandra Rosaldo was a successful choice becoming L’bel’s brand ambassador for 2016.