Park Fragrances


  • Build consumer brand awareness in the US for Tous and Halloween Fragrances as a part of the company’s distribution expansion strategy.


  • Identify media outlets and platforms that align with the product(s) target audiences and to create brand and product content, which could be integrated into features and articles.


  • We curated a selection of key influencers / bloggers that aligned with each of the brand’s (Tous and Halloween Fragrances) specific profile and image.
  • We got the products in the hands of the influencers who experienced them personally and wrote about them.
  • Organized high impact bloggers events for the brands.
  • Designed interactive and engaging press releases and communiqués with graphic images and gifs, which stood out from traditional press releases.


  • The brand and the fragrances were experienced by more than 50 top editors and influencers, which generated more than 1 million earned media impressions with a reach of over 700,000 people. Editorial coverage occurred in 10 major publications and the products received a free advertising placement.