Ingenio San Antonio

The company needed three different solutions:

  • To create a best practice global communications organization.
  • Identify internal communications “pain points” and develop a plan to streamline communications across functional areas.
  • Support with their crisis management practices.


  • Develop global best practices corporate communications plan and structure; including hiring and training a resource that transfers knowledge back to headquarters.
  • Establish and define open communication channels between the different business units.
  • Set up a department heads communications task force.
  • Develop specific initiatives related to crisis management.


  • Set up and coordinated a communication task force to enable a more open dialogue between the different divisions.
  • Align all their communication platforms (websites and social media).
  • Recruited a medical and research board of advisors and organized regular meetings with the goal of helping solve a crisis-issue.
  • Create all necessary marketing tools (presentations and websites).
  • Hired and trained a global communications associate that will eventually move to company headquarters and transfer knowledge acquired from M4’s best practices.


  • Helped one of the group brands avert a complete crisis in the US and Canada; regained confidence of key influencers and buyers.