Diesel watches was the main sponsor for the music festival PAL’NORTE (http://palnorte.com.mx/) in 2014. In order to increase brand engagement the brand was looking for an innovative contest strategy.

With the use of social media outlets like Twitter and Vine, M4 developed a social media campaign and rally/challenge with the hashtag #DieselPalNorte using the Diesel concept of Diesel Timeframes. The participant only had 48 hours (timed by Diesel watch) to complete the rally.

M4 was in charge of the entire strategy, which included developing and brainstorming, monitoring the campaign, tracking results, contacting Mexico’s social media top influencers, developing micro-website and announcing the winners. The Pal’Norte social media, radio stations and top influencers with significant amount of followers contributed with the call-to-action, motivating audience to participate in this challenge. Top influencers include Vine and Twitter stars such as: Juca Viapri, Chumel Torres, El Juanjo Herrera, Callo de Hacha.

In only 5 days we had: 1,112 posts in social media, 390 participants with a total reach of 3,794,499 – Impressions: 13,212,215