• Help the company launch the brand and communications operations in the U.S. and Latin America.


  • Develop a comprehensive marketing and communications plan focusing on leading fashion media and influencers who in turn promoted the brand.


  • M4 identified and helped contract the best showrooms in New York as DELPOZO’s first footprint in the luxury fashion world in the US.
  • M4 also searched, filtered, and identified the right New York-based PR agency, that rapidly got the designer and brand into the right publications covered by the right media.

Selected Tactics:

  • In February 2013, DELPOZO made their US debut at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York. M4 organized coverage amongst fashionistas and fashion editors of the most recognized media, creating huge buzz for the brand.
  • M4 brought potential buyers and key media to the show in order to expose / introduce them to the Brand.


  • Following the 2013 show, DELPOZO was featured on the cover of Fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Hapers Bazaar.
  • Less than 3 years after their debut, DELPOZO has become one of the most popular talked about runway shows at Fashion Week amongst the fashion media and is consistently covered by the Fashion Industry’s most influential editors and buyers.