Take Ownership Plan
Fortune International Group

Fortune created a pioneering new financing plan to enable home purchasing in a more affordable manner. This payment model was successful in Argentina, but the company needed to determine whether it would be successful in South Florida.

Create a mock up sales scenario of the development and test it on the target market.


  • We carried out an in depth research of the South Florida real estate market to determine the target audience.
  • We designed the RFP and led the market research company selection process.
  • Worked closely with the market research company and created the study design for the focus groups and selected the participants.
  • We created branding services for the project (name, logo, color schemes, style guides etc.)
  • Designed all the necessary mock up marketing materials for the focus groups (radio, TV, billboards, flyers etc.)

We were able to successfully test the concept for the South Florida market and project with reasonable certainty that the payment model would be well received and effective in Miami.

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