Fiber One
Digital Campaign and Social Media Management


  • Fiber One was looking for a brand positioning strategy to generate brand awareness, communicate brand benefits and increase product sales in Latin America.


  • Created a general brand and product benefit awareness strategy focused on the moment of the consumer purchasing decision.


  • We created a high impact campaign for digital and traditional media outlets.
    • Digital media outlets included YouTube, Facebook, Google Ads, and Spotify.
    • A program for was created to reach consumers that lead a healthy lifestyle and were interested in fitness / weight loss.
  • We generated product awareness through product sampling at strategic times and places to drive sales with the target market. This sampling was accompained by product information. To reinforce this strategy, we selected top influential Mexican Bloggers to help raise product awareness with millenials through social media.


  • We reached 1,564,525 people through Spotify, 940,000 through, realized 53,000 likes with Facebook ads, 34,430,553 impressions with Google Ads surpassing the estimate by 400%, 413,797 views on Youtube and more tan 54,000 likes to the Facebook fan page.