LBEL #EleganciaUnica

L’bel wanted to launch their fragrance Liasson Temps in a unique and elegant way.

Set up a photoshoot with 10 influencers and Alessandra Rosaldo as the image of the brand, reflecting how they feel sophisticated and unique, not only with clothes and accessories, but reflecting their elegant attitude.

M4 Agency coordinated and produced a photoshoot with Alessandra Rosaldo in L.A with the famous Mexican photographer Zony Maya, reflecting Alessandra’s elegance in every picture.

Also in L.A, M4 Agency produced a video where Alessandra Rosaldo told a story about a moment in her life where she felt luxurious and unique. Both pictures and videos were posted on social media.

To support the campaign, L’bel and M4 Agency selected 10 influencers to be photographed by Zony Maya.

All pictures were displayed on the launching event as a gallery where other influencers and local media attended.

The campaign had a total reach of more than 510,000 with bloggers’ support.

Alessandra Rosaldo had a total reach of 3,700,00 by posting for #EleganciaUnica

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